Micel Folcland Public Statement




1.       Accuracy Standards

The following may not be debated:

The culture portrayed is the British Isles, 950–1066 ce. Other cultures are allowed if their presence during this time and period can be proved. Archetypes from earlier may be occasionally used with permission.

Accuracy must be achieved and maintained during public hours within the ropeline

No participant may come behind the ropeline without the prior inspection by and approval of the group Authenticity Officer (AO). All variations, logical extrapolations and any other deviations must be documented to the satisfaction of the AO.

Persons fielding for the first time need not expect to have a complete kit but must attain the minimum level of accuracy expected for participation behind the ropeline

Documentation shall consist of artifacts, of photographs of artifacts or of primary sources (illustrative and text). The more instances of and more complete the documentation is, the better

Logical extrapolation shall be determined by secondary sources and practical archaeology

The AO shall determine whether the documentation or logical extrapolation is valid

No spectacles or sun glasses of any type may be worn

No use of tobacco is allowed

Only historically documented shoes may be worn (barefoot is period)

Visible modern jewelry must not be worn or must be hidden

Visible tattoos must be hidden

Only historically accurate fabrics, weaves, colors and patterns may be used for costumes

All visible sewing must be done by hand

Costumes and kit must be from a single culture time

Tents must be documented, although cotton canvas may be used in the place of linen or hemp canvas or wool

Any variation from the ordinary must be documented and exhibited to the public only when a knowledgeable interpreter can explain its uniqueness to the public

Any logical extrapolation may be displayed to the public only when a knowledgeable interpreter can explain its uniqueness to the public

You will not be alone in your efforts and can expect guidance and support from all other members of Micel Folcland and from Regia Anglorum at large

Remember, we are attempting to portray the ordinary persona of the time!

November 2005