Public Statements


Regia's main efforts are to educate the public, and it holds various shows, involving Battle Tacticals, Living History Exhibitions, classroom excursions and the like. Above all else, you, your clothing, your kit and your behavior will need to be historically accurate. This is sometimes referred to as "authenticity," but this is confusing since some people regard an authentic artifact to be an artifact from the time it represents. Historical is determined by our knowledge and interpretation of historical facts of the period.

            We have issued four Public Statements on conduce within Micel Folcland that we recommend that all potential members and interested persons read. These are:

Public Statement 1--Accuracy Standards
Public Statement 2--Cultural Identity
Public Statement 3--Minimum Requirements for Membership
Public Statement 4--Minimal Clothing Requirements
Public Statement 5--Official Policy of the Micel Folcland Authenticity Officer
Public Statement 6--Purpose of Events
Public Statement 7--Cross-Gender Dressing

Public Statement 8--Temporal Anomalies
Public Statement 9–Regarding the Ropeline and the Encampment
Public Statement 10–Exceptions to Authenticity Regulations
Public Statement 11–Renewing Lapsed Memberships
Mission, Business & Value Statements
Micel Folcland Cyðing of Gerád (Statement of Accuracy)